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Amy and Nick, better known to the world as hip-pop duo Karmin, got their start by uploading covers of popular songs to YouTube. When they posted an impressive cover of Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now" back in April 2011 that featured Amy rapping Busta Rhymes' verse, they never dreamed it would go viral (the video has been viewed over 83 million times to date), let alone lead to a record deal and a slot performing at the inaugural iHeartRadio Music Festival.

Fast forward to 2013, and the"daringest duo," as they have referred to themselves, now has a successful EP under their belts in Hello, which produced hit single "Brokenhearted," and are now gearing up for their full-length debut. Earlier this month, the engaged pair released "Acapella," the first single from their upcoming album, due out later this year.

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"Sonically, the song is, just very, very different in general," Nick tells iHeartRadio of the new song. "But it’s definitely more representative of the overall vibe of the album.  The album's a lot more, um, playful and..."

"Dangerous," Amy interjects. "There’s some songs that you’re like wow did you really say that?  And there are some like 'Acapella' and there’s some that are a little bit more representative of 'Brokenhearted.' There’s a couple of ballads that are really heart wrenching too. So it’s a nice mix." 

Amy and Nick recently sat down with iHeartRadio to answer the questions you REALLY wanna know the answers to. Check out Real Questions with Karmin below!

Do Blondes have more fun?

Amy: I don’t want to say it, but they do. Everything changed when I dyed my hair blonde... people look at you a little bit differently. They’re kind of surprised cause it’s a little unnatural.  I was surprised that people recognized us still, without the roll and the brown hair and stuff. 

Nick, do you prefer Amy as a blonde or a brunette?

Nick: No comment. That’s a lose/lose answer.  

Amy: He I likes me when I shave my head actually. 

Nick: Yeah, I prefer it.  This is a wig.  

What is the one sound that you don’t want to hear coming out of each other’s mouths?  

Nick: I mean even when she burps it’s funny. 

Amy: I wish. Nick, on the other hand, when he burps, it sounds like an explosion.  I'm worried sometimes that he’s going to throw up actually... it’s a boy thing like you want to burp really loud, but it’s a little disheartening. It’s really loud. It echoes through the house.    

What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever put in your mouth?

Amy: A baked worm. Actually I ate a worm in Mexico.    

Nick: I did too. 

Amy: Proceeded to get extremely sick. 

Nick: I did too. 

What food do you have to compromise on?

Amy: There’s the undocumented argument of I hate cilantro; he loves cilantro...

Nick: I don’t love cilantro.

Amy: He enjoys cilantro.  It tastes like soap to me.  

Do you ever go without brushing your teeth?  

Nick: I can't.

Amy: Ew. Yeah. 

Nick: I can go without showering for like six months, but I have to brush my teeth at least twice a day. It drives me crazy.  

Which one of you is a cheaper date?  

Nick: Probably me.  

Amy: Yeah, he’s a beer guy.  I'm a hard liquor girl.  

Nick: But we’re both really cheap. Well, she gets drunk faster.  I'm just drinking more so... You know what I'm saying? If I'm going to start to have a beer; I'm going to start having beer. I'm not just going to pussyfoot around here.  

What’s the last thing you argued about?

Nick: Probably leaving my clothes everywhere

Amy: Yeah, he leaves his socks everywhere.  It’s like a trail, and they’re never together. They’re always separate, strategically placed wherever.  

Nick: It’s like breadcrumbs.  It’s like Hansel and Gretel. 

What’s the last romantic gesture, big or small, one of you did for the other?

Nick: I ran out into Manhattan this morning and got Amy Dunkin Donuts, which is a regular occurrence.  

Amy: I never do anything nice for him, so please don’t ask me.  

Who’s the most famous person you have in your phone?  

Amy: Maybe Lindsay Lohan... Would that be the most?

Nick: Definitely got a famous name, yeah. 

Amy: I'm obsessed with Brandy.  She’s in my phone. We text each other. Not bragging. But, I am bragging.  

Nick: I got Jesus’s number last week.  

Do you steal from hotels?

Nick: She does, every time. 

Amy: I stopped packing shampoo cause I was just like, 'Shampoo is shampoo, I don’t care.'  But, now that I'm blonde I realize that you do need a certain type of shampoo - it has to be moisturizing. But, we do take lotions. Travel size for your purse. You don’t think about that stuff. 

Who gets jealous more easily?  

Amy: I would think me, for sure.

Nick: It takes a lot to get both of us jealous.

What’s the most unglamorous part of your day?  

Nick: Traveling is far from glamorous. 

Amy: Yeah, airports, waiting in line at the airports.  You’ve got take your chains and your bling off, walk through the thing. 

Nick: It’s what you got to do.  

Amy: But, sometimes we opt out because somebody said that you can get cancer from the x-ray machines. So then you opt out and you have to wait longer and then they touch you... Nick likes that.  He goes to the airport even when we’re not flying. 

Nick: Hey, can I, uh, can I get that pat down? I'm here for the pat down. 'Sir, do you have a flight today?' 'Nope, just here for the pat down.'

Have either one of you ever been fired from a job?  

Amy: I did get kicked out of a girl group - I was in a girl group back in Boston. I was looking around for cameras... they brought me into a dark room, and they were like 'Amy, you’re just not cutting it...  You just don’t fit, it doesn’t make sense.'  I was like, 'Oh.'  

Have you ever peed your pants?

Nick: Third grade. Did it on purpose.  

There was a rule that only one guy and one girl that could go to the bathroom at that time. And this guy had been in the bathroom for like 30 minutes or something... I was like, 'Come on bro what’s going on? I've got to pee.' So, I kept going to the teacher and the teacher was kind of getting nasty with me.  She was like, 'Is he back yet?'  And I was like, 'No.' She was like, 'Then you can't go to the bathroom.'  So I was super pissed at her so I just went back and sat down and just pissed myself. As soon as I started actually peeing, I was like, 'Oh, God. I immediately regret this decision.' I was so angry that I actually peed my own pants.  

Amy: You’re only cool if you pee your pants. 

Nick: They had to call Mr. Jimmy, who was the custodian. He had to come with a mop...

Amy: Did the rules change?   

Nick: I don’t know.  I can't remember.

iHeartRadio: You left your mark on the world.  

Nick: Literally. 

What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever said to your manager?  

Nick: Probably 'Go f*** yourself.' 'Your face looks like Robin Williams’ knuckles.'

Amy: Aw.

Nick: I've never said that to him.

Have the critics ever made you cry?

Amy: There’ve been a couple things that have bothered us, but at the end of the day, at least they’re talking about us. 

Nick: Yeah, at the end of the day, it’s like it’s not even about the music.  It’s like, 'This b!#$& is annoying' 

Do you fart in front of eachother? 

Nick: Oh yeah. I am right now. It’s happening.  It’s happening. 

Amy: They’re invisible by the way.  

Nick: I just peed my pants too. 

Amy: In defiance.

Nick: In defiance of your question.

What's your biggest regret?

Amy: I think for me not being able to see my family as much as I want to.  

Nick: Yeah, I would probably say that too.

Check out Amy and Nick talking about their new single, "Acapella":

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