If you live in Southern California, you've probably hear of the classic holiday hot spot, Candy Cane Lane! For 65 years Woodland Hills' Candy Cane Lane has dazzled people with their festive holiday lights. People drive from far and wide to drive down Lubao & Oxnard Streets with hot cocoa in hand to enjoy the festive Christmas lights!

However, after a particularly messy year at Candy Cane Lane, the residents there might have had enough. ABC7 reports:

"A 65-year So Cal Christmas tradition may be coming to an end! Woodland Hills' Candy Cane Lane at Lubao & Oxnard Streets has been delighting visitors since 1952, but this year, residents say it has gotten out of hand. Street vendors of all kinds have been popping up to take advantage of the large crowds, and garbage has been littering the community. Residents also cite an overall lack of respect by some visitors for the neighborhood. They are reaching out to city leaders and law enforcement for guidance, but it remains to be seen how many homes will be participating next year."

This is so awful! Let's hope that this amazing tradition can continue! 

Instagram - @abc7la

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