1. Spend less time looking in the mirror, and more time doing what you love -On average, women dedicate 55 minutes a day to their appearance, or a full two weeks a year.  Almost double the male average of 4.5 hours a week.  And guess what?  So much face time can negatively impact your self-image.  Spend more time doing fun things and less time stressing over wrinkles.

2.  If you are obsessing, change your priorities -67 percent of adult women regularly worry about their appearance, more than finances, career, health, or relationships. Increase your well-being by creating healthy exercise habits and stop worrying.

3.  Be positive, not negative -Nearly 80% of women engage in what the media has nicknamed “fat talk” and “old talk.”  Stop talking about how old or fat you are and start reminding yourself about the positives in your life.

 4. Accept yourself -No matter what size you are, you are you. Try to make yourself happy and don’t put yourself down.

5.  The only model you need to be is a role model -If we create healthy body images and love ourselves then we can pass this onto our daughters.   


From: Today Health  2/24/2014  Melissa Dahl