Great news! The "McFadden & Evans" show is doing FREE Fair Fun Card Facts every day this week. Log on to our blog space early each morning to get the answer to the question that you will need to know when you hear the cue-to-call later in the morning to win the prize. We will start taking answers with the 9th caller. The prize package is TWO Fun Cards to all six days and nights of entertainment at the Great Mississippi Valley Fair PLUS TWO Hungry Hobo lunch cards.

This week's trivia questions will focus on fair food! And we are getting our inspiration from the innovative foods that are unveiled year after year at the Iowa State Fair. We will feature a new food that is being introduced in Des Moines later this summer...and who knows? Maybe this stuff will end up at the Mississippi Valley Fair in coming years.

Today's featured menu item:  CAPRESE SALAD ON-A-STICK

Description:   Cherry tomatoes skewered together with basil, mozzerella, and balsamic vinaigrette.

If you wanna see a picture of this and other delectable treats that will be available on this year's Iowa State Fair, click this sentence.

QUESTION:  What Iowa State Fair treat is being featured today on the "McFadden & Evans" show for the feature FREE Fair Fun Card Facts?