TREND ALERT:  "Beezin'"

Teens are '"beezin' for a quick "high"'!

What is it? It's when kids rub Burt's Bees lip balm on their eyelids. The peppermint oil in the balm causes a burning sensation which some find kind of funny. It's all over the internet these days....

Is it DANGEROUS? It can be....Problems with this activity include allergic reactions or pink-eye-like symptoms. The worst-case scenario is---believe it or not----BLINDNESS. Let's say a person with a cold sore uses the lip balm...when someone else borrows the balm and puts it on their eyelids. The herpes virus, which causes the cold sore, can be transmitted from the balm to the person's eye causing blindness.

A Burt's Bees spokesperson will only respond with the recommendation that people only use the products as directed.

Parents---you may want to warn your children!