Tips To Stop You From Overeating This Thanksgiving

The holidays may be the season of giving, but let’s be honest, it’s also a season of eating. And all that holiday eating begins on Thursday with Thanksgiving, a time when a lot of people overindulge and end the night feeling grossly full with pants that are tighter than when they arrived.

But no one says you have to overeat during the holidays, regardless of how good the food looks. Believe it or not, there are some ways you can avoid gorging yourself sick, and if you play your cards right, maybe even lose a few pounds. Registered dietitian Meaghin Svenson tells “USA Today,” "It's all about being mindful of yourself and being honest with yourself,” while still getting to “enjoy yourself." 

Tips that may keep you from overeating this holiday include:

  • Don’t go hungry – Have a filling snack like fruit or whole grains so you won’t pounce on food the minute you arrive.
  • Watch the drinks – Alcoholic drinks contain lots of calories, so if you’re goal is losing weight, try and stay away.
  • Drink lots of water – Always keep a glass of water around you, because the more water you drink, the less you’ll eat.
  • Choose quality over quantity – Be a food snob and only choose things you really want or really love. Not everything is going to be that great, so only go for the stuff that is.
  • Suggest a potluck – If you’re invited to a potluck you can bring something healthy that you prefer to eat and may keep you from the indulgent stuff.
  • Use a small plate – By filling up a small plate you can fool your brain into thinking you’ve had more food than you actually had.
  • Pile on the veggies – Go for veggies first since they are the healthiest (and we’re not talking about the green bean casserole), then choose protein, followed by a starch.
  • Eat slowly – Enjoy every bite of your food and eat it slowly. The slower you eat, the faster you’ll get full and the less you’ll eat.
  • Get physical – Do some sort of movement after dinner, whether it’s a light walk or playing with your kids.
  • Be easy on yourself – If you’ve failed at keeping yourself in check, don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, just start again the next day.

Source: USA Today

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