ROAD TRIP: The Most Festive Towns This Holiday

There are plenty of people who just can’t get enough of the holiday season, and want to be filled with Christmas cheer everywhere they go. Well, that isn’t very hard to find in some parts of the country, with towns all over the U.S. filled with festive lights, holiday music and everything else you need to be in a festive mood. 

So, where are these holiday towns? Well, a new report by Rave Reviews reveals the 25 Most Festive Christmas Towns in the U.S., judging areas on things like number of holiday events held, the number of Christmas-y places to stay, overall holiday spirit and more, with all the factors combing to rank a location based on a “Jingle Score.” 

Topping the list is Leavenworth, Washington, near Seattle, which lands a Jingle Score of 10 and is known for its old-fashioned Christmas Lighting Festival, when the whole town comes alive with twinkly lights. There are also mountain views, boutique holiday shopping options, and even sledding and sleigh rides . How is North Pole, Alasaka, NOT NUMBER ONE?!?

Top Ten Most Festive Christmas Towns in the U.S.(click here for the complete list)

  1. Leavenworth, WA
  2. Santa Claus, IN
  3. Natchitoches, LA
  4. Asheville, NC
  5. Williamsburg, VA
  6. North Pole, AK
  7. St. Augustine, FL
  8. Frankenmuth, MI
  9. Woodstock, VT
  10. Helen, GA

Source: Rave Reviews


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