Everyone Is Roasting Taylor Swift's Courtroom Sketch!

Taylor Swift is spending some time in a Denver federal court this week, pursuing a sexual assault lawsuit against a local DJ she says grabbed her butt during a 2013 meet and greet. But unlike a lot of celebrity courtrooms, this one is closed to the media.

Since there aren’t any photos from the trial to publish, the press has been relying on images from a sketch artist to get a feel for what’s happening in the courtroom, and let’s just say, they’re producing some iconic work.

Do you think this artwork looks anything like Ms. Swift?

And....how long will it be before Taylor sues the courtroom sketch artist???

In this close up, I think the drawing looks more like Luann on "King of The Hill"!

The guy on the right is the Denver DJ Swift is suing for allegedly groping her backside. (Thanks for helping the image of all radio people, Doofus.)

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