What's Your Country Music Star Name? Find Out Here...

A lot of the top country stars are not using their given names. Tim McGraw grew up as Samuel Smith. Faith Hill was born Audrey Perry. Shania Twain? Eillen Edwards. And good ole Troyal Brooks decided to go with "Garth"!

What's your Country Star Name?

On this morning's "McFadden & Evans", Debbie and Ron inserted their info into the Country Star Name Generator and got theirs.

Debbie McFadden could be "Marie Dixon". Ron Evans is.....Cooter McClinton! Some of our other co-workers were renamed "LeRoy Van Cash" and "Waylon Clampitt".

Just give it a shot....it's pretty funny. And you'll be set with your great western stage name to take to Nashville. Click on their official website link here. Have fun!!!!

Want a different twang? Click the red LED lights above on the site's generator to switch to a Pop, Rock, or Rap star music name. 

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