Crayola Reveals The NEW Crayola Color To Negative Feedback

What do you think of the new Crayola shade? Will you miss Dandelion? Apparently a lot of people are much more passionate about their coloring projects than we ever imagined. Crayola got ripped a new one on Facebook. Wow.


Here are some of the surprising negative comments about the color and the spelling, etc. These words were lifted from this Crayola Facebook page.

Natasha Mills Im not understanding why you are going to replace one of the only shades of yellow for another shade of blue. We already have lots of blues. I want my dandelion. I used it a lot.

Crystal Martin Really?? Bluetiful?? THAT'S the name chosen??You take the 2nd yellow and swap if for ANOTHER BLUE and name it some dumb name like that?? Take Cornflower out and give us yellow back.

Lisa Esplin Why are we diluting the english language with made up words?? Especially in products intended for young children who are just learning??? It may sound cute, but it's actually very damaging to the minds of little ones that are just starting to grasp language, and basic concepts of colors, alphabet, and correct speech. Please folks, just say no....

Natalie D. A. Bennett Really Crayola? It's named "blue-tiful" so you had to gender a freakin' crayon?? It's an OBJECT, not a girl! For heaven's sake, at least keep up with the times.

Kristin Keith Great now every kid will learn to misspell "beautiful" for the stupid reword of "Bluetiful".Congratulations Crayola for adding to generations of kids who can't spell without an iPad or phone to spell for them.

Jenny Seilhan It's cute. I see alot of negative comments about the educational value, and I agree with some, being a mom of 3, yet its whimsical and sticks in the mind. I like it. I'll miss my dandelion ALOT tho

Barbara Stone Dumb name, but somehow Crayon need the publicity. Bring back the dandelion. and Walmart has exclusive sales. Smells fishy to me....what color would rotten fish be???

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