Iowa DOT Reminds Motorists: "Deer Can't Read"!

Inquiring minds are apparently becoming annoying to the Iowa DOT.

After fielding questions, on a regular basis, about their deer crossing signs, the department had to speak out.

So, to make things clear they took to Facebook to spell it out. 

Q. Why don't you put these signs where it is safer for the deer to cross? 

A. Deer can't read signs. Drivers can. This sign isn't intended to tell deer where to cross, it's for drivers to be alert that deer have been in this area in the past.”

There is proof in the you tube segment at the bottom of this page that people actually think deer can read or are influenced by the signs. Ugh!

Can't believe anyone could be this silly? Here's proof. Listen to this woman who thinks the sign is influencing deer behavior. Hence, the DOT addressing this line of questioning and thinking!!!! Listen for yourself.......

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