Stead Family Hospital Hosts Christmas Party for Kid Patients


IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- It was a break from the tough stuff. Tuesday night the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital threw a holiday party for the kids.

"I feel really supported because it's just really thoughtful taking care of your patients," said Eva Sherman. 

The party included lots of green and red, plus black and gold. Hawkeye football players compete right next to the hospital, and wanted to get to see the kids personally for this event.

"It's fun to be here just because it's a different perspective. We always see it from down in the field and it's fun to wave up to the kids and acknowledge them and acknowledge what they're going through. And to actually be here and interact with them is just a fun experience, to be able to get their mind off of it for a little bit," said Garret Jansen.

"I think it helps the kids out a lot. I think they need that just so that they know that they're not left behind. That way they know that other people are out there that don't have problems are still on their side," said Dawna Shoultz.                                    

Doctors told Abby Hinnenkamp she had diabetes when she was three.

"It (the hospital) has better people that help you," said Hinnenkamp.

She's had a couple of stays in the hospital, and events like these let her keep being a kid.

"It has better toys," said Hinnenkamp.

The party was held on the top floor of the hospital where the kids were able to witness The Wave all season.


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