Falling Ceiling Tiles Injure Woman at Bettendorf YMCA

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC)— A woman is recovering at home after she was injured at Bettendorf YMCA.

It happened in the steam room when tiles and insulation fell from the ceiling. Kate Grant said after what happened to her, she is sore but slowly on the road to recovery and glad it did not take a turn for the worse.

“I'm just very grateful to be alive here today like it could've been so much worse,” said Grant.

Grant said it was just an ordinary day.

“I was going to the YMCA for my normal workout routine. I go there to lift weights normally and I warm up in the steam room,”.

She said the steam room is her place to relax, to get her thoughts together before her routine.

“I usually just close my eyes and deep breathe for a few minutes just to get warmed up and clear my mind thinking what lifts I was going to do for the day,” said Grant.

However, that is when things took a turn.

“I feel and hear the entire ceiling of the steam room collapse on me, which is made up of ceramic tile and very sharp objects. When I opened my eyes… its dark everywhere there's rubble all over the ground, I see that my leg had been cut very deep on the right side of my thigh. I was just happy to be conscious,” said Grant.

After seeing she was able to walk, she said that’s when she tried to look for help.

“I didn't expect that out of all things to happen and there was no warning It's a shock to have your whole well-being just shattered like that in an instance,” said Grant.

Grant said she is grateful for the lifeguard who came to help her. She said she is not going to the steam room anytime soon but she does enjoy the Bettendorf YMCA. After she is fully recovered, she will return to work out there.

TV6 reached out to the YMCA, according to officials the ceiling collapse is still under investigation. Meanwhile, the steam room and Jacuzzi area are closed.

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