Can This Ear Piercing Help With Migraines?

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Could This Ear Piercing Help With Migraines?

Chronic migraine sufferers swear this ear piercing helps.

People who suffer from chronic migraines will do practically anything to get rid of the dreaded debilitating headaches and now some of them are trying a trendy ear piercing for relief. It’s called the daith piercing and you can tell from the 104-thousand Instagram posts that it’s having a moment.

The daith piercing is in the cartilage in the central, inner part of the ear, right above the tragus, and that location happens to be a pressure point that eases head tension. It’s tucked further into your ear, so it’s less likely to get bumped. But its real appeal for migraine sufferers is the hope that it could alleviate symptoms. The daith piercing been compared to acupuncture, but experts aren’t so sure it works.

Dr. Kirk Wilson has a PhD in acupuncture and he says that spot isn’t necessarily where an acupuncturist would focus, if you went in seeking relief from migraines. He explains that what constitutes an acupuncture point it really vague, so it’s hard to exclude something that might “have a therapeutic effect.” But he also adds “I’m not saying it doesn’t work.”

And Dr. Jessica Ivany points out that “there is not much evidence to support piercing for migraines.” But some migraine sufferers say the piercing is helping them. Nicole Bandes says she used to get three to four migraines a month that would take her out for a day or two at a time, and after getting the daith piercing, she says her headaches are less frequent and less intense.

So before you run to the piercing studio to ease your migraines, check with your doctor first. And if you do go under the needle, even if it doesn’t help your head, you’ll be totally on-trend with your new piercing.


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