Women's Health Mag's Hallmark Christmas Movie Workout

Women's Health Magazine's 

2018 Hallmark Christmas Movie Workout 

  • Every time someone says, "Merry Christmas", do 5 crunches
  • Every time someone drinks hot cocoa, egg nog, hot cider, or a latte, do 5 jumping jacks
  • Every time a main character wears a bright-colored winter coat, do 5 push-ups
  • Every time a newcomer participates in a family or town Christmas tradition, do 5 burpees
  • BONUS: Do 5 squats for each...
    • Christmasy name (Holly, Ivy, Nick, etc.
    • Cookie baking, 
    • Mistletoe...(or an interrupted kiss!)
    • The Real Santa
    • Newfound Christmas spirit

Source: Women's Health Instagram page

An here's something a little DIFFERENT...a Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game!

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