This Company Has Announced The Rollout Of An At Home COVID-19 Test!

The coronavirus pandemic is all we see on the news especially when it comes to how limited testing kits are in the United States. Well the at home testing company Everlywell offers dozens of lab tests to consumers and they just added a COVID-19 at home test . If you feel like you need a coronavirus test, you order it on the company's website after answering questions about your basic health, symptoms, and risk factors for the virus. A doctor still has to prescribe the test so telemedicine doctors from PWNHealth, a national network of physicians who prescribe diagnostic tests, will review the answers and decide if you qualify for the test. Basically, because the tests are limited, they want to make sure those ordering the tests have the symptoms and want to rule out those with the flu.

If the telemedicine doctor decides to prescribe an Everlywell COVID-19 test, they will send the $135 test kit in two days, but you can pay $30 more to have the kit sent to you overnight. The kit comes with a special swab that is long enough to take samples from the back of the nose and throat area. It will also come with instructions for how to seal the swab sample to send it back to the company. The sample will then be sent in a pre-paid overnight package and processed at one of several labs approved by the FDA to perform the test around the country within 72 hours. The company will then send the results by text and email. If the test is positive, you'll get a telemedicine consultation with one of around 200 physicians that is included in the cost of the test. That physician will report the result as a positive case to the appropriate state health departments.

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