Everything Coming To Disney+ In November!

One streaming service that's keeping us entertained in quarantine is Disney+. We have tons of options choose from when it comes to binge-watching movies and tv shows at home. Disney+ just released the list of all the movies and tv shows coming in November and there's a bunch of options to watch all month long! You can see the full list below:

November 6

Disney Goldie & Bear(s1)

Disney Goldie & Bear(s2)

Disney Junior Fancy Nancy: Fancy it Yourself (s1)

Disney’s A Christmas Carol

Mr. Magoo

The Mandalorian - "Chapter 10"

Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom - "The Big Egg Switcheroo"

The Right Stuff- "VOSTOK"

Weird But True- "Camping" (Season Finale)

One Day at Disney- “Leslie Evans: Senior R&D Imagineer”

November 13

Petra: City of Riches

Ultimate Viking Sword

The Mandalorian - "Chapter 11"

Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom- "Baby Gorilla Grace" (Season Finale)

InsidePixar (Premiere)

The Right Stuff- "Ziggurat"

One Day at Disney- “Mark Gonzalez: Steam Train Engineer”

November 17

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special

November 18

The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse (Premiere)

"Supermarket Scramble" & "Cheesewranglers"

November 20


Planes: Fire Rescue

Marvel's 616 (Premiere)

The Real Right Stuff (Premiere)

The Mandalorian - "Chapter 12"

The Right Stuff - "Flight" (Finale)

One Day at Disney (Season Finale)

November 27

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

The Adventures of Yellow Dog: Far From Home

Marvel’s Spider-man: Maximum Venom (s3)

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Party Animals(s1)

Alaska: Port Protection

Black Beauty (Original Movie Premiere)

The WonderfulWorld of Mickey Mouse

"House of Tomorrow"

"Hard to Swallow"

The Mandalorian - "Chapter 13"

Photo Credit: Getty Images