Halsey Responds To Upset Fan Who Claims She's Changed Since G-Eazy Romance

Halsey has come a long way since her alt-pop debut, but it seems like the latest stage of her career has some followers upset, particularly those who claim that her romance with G-Eazy has negatively impacted her.

On Tuesday (January 16), the 23-year-old pop star took to Twitter to respond to an upset fan, who claimed that her priorities surrounding love, fame, and fans have changed. After admitting that the star is no longer the same woman who wrote earlier sets like Badlands and Room 93, @newamericanas explained that she felt "such a disconnect from her." "She dead loves her boyfriend more than she'll ever f**king care abt her fans," the fan wrote. "She don't got time for us anymore and that's the tea."

Even though she wasn't directedly mentioned in the tweet, Halsey caught wind of the message and decided to respond to it with some sentiments that might be as startling as the complaint itself. "Imagine thinking that a woman can't be independent and self-empowered because she is in a happy relationship. Y'all just like me better when I wanna kill myself lol," she hit back. Read the exchange below!

Over the weekend, Halsey and G-Eazy brought their romance to Studio 54 when the pop star served as the musical guest of the Sam Rockwell-hosted episode of Saturday Night Live. For her set, the pair performed their duet, "Him & I." Halsey also performed a rendition of her hit, "Bad at Love."


Photo: Getty Images


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