James Corden Stole A Candle From Mariah Carey's House

James Corden revealed on The Late Late Show that he actually stole from singing legend, Mariah Carey. On the segment Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, celebrities and host James Corden participate in asking each other crazy personal and revealing questions where if they do not answer they have to eat the disgusting food in front of them. Sometimes it's bird saliva, sometimes it's a sardine smoothie, or you may even get turkey balls..... 

This time on the March 21st show, James played the game with actress Drew Barrymore and actor John Boyega. The first round of questions we didn't get much out of the stars. Both were not interested in revealing personal items like how much they got paid and what late night show they disliked the most. James was the first to answer a revealing question where John asked him if he's ever stolen something. At first James tried to tease us saying he "stole his wife' heart".... BLEGH! To avoid eating the thousand year old egg, James admitted that he had actually stolen from Mariah Carey's actual home! He starts by saying, "This is completely true, and I haven't told anyone this," he continues, "I once stole a candle from Mariah Carey's house." WOAH THERE JAMES! 

The late night hosts continues with his story saying, "These candles, they say 'Mariah Carey' and there's a butterfly on them and we had gone to film this Christmas carpool karaoke and I had to go to her house...." He was told the filming would begin around 4pm and so he explains, "I waited just in her living room until about 6:30pm just on my own and I though 'well, I'm gonna take this candle for my tub." "And I still have it today," says James. 

This isn't the only time James told a secret during this late night segment. While doing Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts with Khloe Kardashian, James was asked which celebrity was rude to him at a party. He definitely doubted whether he should answer the question due to possibly having this actor on the show. After much persuasion by Khloe and the audience, Corden revealed that Pierce Brosnan was a celebrity that was rude to him at a party once. 

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