Halsey Reveals The 'Most Uncensored' Song She’s Ever Written

Falls Festival 2019/20 - Fremantle

Falls Festival 2019/20 - Fremantle

Halsey’s latest album contains the most vulnerable song of her career.

The “Nightmare” singer unveiled her long-awaited studio album, Manic, on Friday (January 17). On her new record, which arrived three years after hopeless fountain kingdom, Halsey digs deep into the dark and emotional parts of her past — memories which the artist admits she’s still learning to cope with — and recently revealed how her song “929” urged her to completely let her guard down.

"When I made Manic, I dove into those parts of me that weren't healed yet and I said, 'No, I'm not gonna wait 'til later. I'm gonna write about them right now,'" the musician expressed during a live event hosted by Capital Records on album release day, according to Billboard. "It was the most rewarding thing that I have ever done because you guys have been so unconditionally accepting of that, so thank you for being accepting of me."

Before leading into her first-ever live performance of the track, the 25-year-old described “929” as “the most uncensored song I have ever written in my life, so I’m happy to play it for you guys tonight.”

The song, which is named after Halsey’s birthday (September 29), takes on the mode of a stream of conscious confessional, with the musician chronicling the highs and lows of her coming of age, with lyrics drawing on thoughts on love and loss, falling on hard times, and self-discovery.

Listen to “929” down below.

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