Weekend 5 with Theresa 4.19.21

How was your weekend? For me, it was a welcomed, down-to-earth two days of enjoying the free things in life. I love when these relaxing weekends come along!

First and foremost, I got vaccination shot #1! It feels so good to know I'm doing my part to not only help my family remain safe but all of humanity. Big shout out to my boss Paul and coworker Angel for organizing this 30-minute pop-up vaccination site through our fabulous client, Kroger. Other than a little tenderness at the injection point in my arm and also feeling a bit sleepy, all is well as I await my second dose in a few weeks!

This weekend meant being out in the yard checking on our annuals and perennials because we've had some pretty chilly nights (and days). What's up Mother Nature? We're ready to leave the word "frost" out of our spring vocabulary!

My Mom and I got to experience the most amazing moment while sitting on my back patio (socially distanced of course). An Eastern Blue Bird made it's appearance in my bird bath! We've lived here all our lives and this is the first time to see this little cutie. I did some research and these blue birds used to be a common native Michigander but then started to fade away until recent years. I hope we see more of him soon!

Saturday I ventured to the lake we live near to watch the waves and dreamed of warmer days when I can actually sit on the dock and dip my toes in the water (sigh)

A weekend (any day actually LOL) wouldn't be complete without fooling around with some card-making ideas. This is my first (unfinished) attempt at making a pop-up birthday card :-)