You Can Rent Out A Private Theater at AMC or Cinemark For $99!

When you think of renting out a movie theater all for yourself, it seems only like a celebrity type of thing...well now it's your turn to walk that red carpet! Due to the coronavirus pandemic, movie theaters had to shut down so AMC and Cinemark decided to step up the movie game because they are now allowing you to rent out a private theater for $99. Both movie theater chains are allowing groups up to 20 to rent out theaters showing a range of movies from Halloween classics to family films to new releases. Some of the 30 movie titles to choose from include “Shrek,” “Tenet,” “The Empire Strikes Back” and “The Conjuring.” The older films will cost you $99 while a new released film can $149-$349, depending on the time, date and location you choose. AMC theaters is also offering some add-ons to make your experience truly one of a kind. You can rent a microphone for $100 or pay the theater an extra $250 to allow for private catering with some restrictions. If you want to rent out a theater through AMC, you have to submit a request to book at least one week in advance. Just like AMC, if you book through Cinemark make sure to do it in advance as many prime weekend spots have already been filled. Cinemark is also offering concession deals: $5 for popcorn, $3.50 for a large drink and $2.50 for candy. Both chains require patrons to wear masks.

Are you going to rent out a private theater for your family?

Photo Credit: Getty Images