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These 6 Costco Items Have Gone Up In Price!


Photo: AFP

While Costco has been holding down its prices while many grocery stores have succumbed to inflation, unfortunately shoppers have noticed that six Costco items have gone up a few dollars.

1. Kirkland Signature Croissant Pack

The classic bakery item used to cost $4.99 are now a dollar more at $5.99.

2. Kirkland Signature Bacon

Back in May 2021, the the thick-sliced variety was $10.99 for three pounds. However, one Costco location is currently listing it for $17.99

3. Kirkland Signature Muffins

The Kirkland muffins also fell victim to the dollar increase so a box of a dozen muffins is now marked at $8.99.

4. Just Bare Chicken Nuggets

This food became a TikTok sensation and were once a little over $13 for four pounds. However, now that chicken prices have surged due to demand and lowered supply, the bag is now $20.

5. Wagyu New York Steaks

The Japanese A5 Grade Wagyu New York Steaks is now $119.99 per pound when Costco members used to enjoy the delicacy at $100 per pound.

6. Kirkland Bottled Water

Kirkland 40-pack of bottled water went from $1.89 last year to over $4.00,

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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